Alla Mamma Alla Mamma

Alla Mamma

Available from Tuesday - Thursday. Prior reservation is required for this offer.


A piece of Italy on the Rhine!
Discover the unique Alla Mamma concept in our Grissini Restaurant.

At Grissini you will experience traditional Italian hospitality like you would with a family. All your ordered dishes are placed in the middle of the table and everyone can serve themselves as they wish. Enjoy our authentic Alla Mamma experience together with 6 people or more.

Delicious selections include two different appetizers, two pasta dishes and two tempting desserts. These are served in large bowls so you and your guests can help yourselves from the center of the table at any time.
We focus on sharing food and socializing - just like in Italy!

€ 50 per person (including bread)

You are able to add another fish or meat dish for your group for a surcharge of € 14 per person. The additional dish will be served together with the pasta dishes in the middle of the table.

Maximum group size is 16 persons.

***Please note that this offer must be pre-ordered by phone or email***